Formula 1 teams come together

Drivers prepare for coming contest

With the new season fast approaching many Formula 1 teams have yet to announce their chosen drivers. However, it is certain the defending world champion, Sami Selio, will be joined by Massimo Roggiero.

Selio’s 2007 partner, Stanislav Kourtsenovsky, could be joining the Italian ten-time world title holder Guido Cappellini in the Tamoil line-up, a team he has previously raced with. Kourtsenovsky’s form at the latter end of last year was electric and is certain to pose a threat while possibly the most improved pilot last season, Philippe Chiappe, remains with Duarte Benavente in the Atlantic team.

Qatar’s Jay Price knows he will be joined by at least two Qatari partners but the ‘New Orleans Vigilante’ is not certain who they will be. The Emirates look like running the same formidable three boat format from last year with Thani Al Qamzi attempting to secure the world title for Abu Dhabi with team mate Ahmed Al Hamli.

Little news has been heard from Scandinavia regarding Norway’s Marit Stromoy staying in Formula 1. It is understood that Fabrizio Bocca may be looking for a new race partner and Stromoy fits the bill. As the only lady driver in the fleet she was a big hit during the last four races of the year and it’s hoped she can find a drive yet again.

Jonas Andersson’s Team Sweden could remain the same with Frenchman Philippe Tourre as the number two driver. Australia brothers Trask are back with a vengeance and are hopeful of at least finishing among the top three places at the end of the campaign. The team most determined to improve on its performance last year is Philippe Dessertenne and Linwu Peng who endured a torrid season while Francesco Cantando in still undecided who will partner him.

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The situation of Fabio Comparato is also uncertain. Last year, the Italian struggled throughout while his Swedish team mate, Pierre Lundin, looked very consistent, finishing fourth on the points table.

The 2008 series begins in Doha, Qatar, in March with more being revealed when the Formula 1 promoter hosts the annual pre-season press conference in Italy on 26th February.


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