Formula 1 to use Caudwell Marine Axis drive

Four stroke engines could replace two strokes at the top end of circuit powerboat sport

At a press conference in Abu Dhabi, Nicolo di San Germano, promoter of the World Formula 1 series together with John Caudwell and Mike Beachy Head of Caudwell Marine, unveiled an engine/drive package that could revolutionise Formula 1.

With motor sport increasingly under pressure to find greener, more energy efficient options, Di San Germano examined several proposals over the past two years but all have been discarded on the grounds of cost. However when Caudwell Marine approached the sport with a package that ticked all the right boxes, Di San Germano proposed a joint venture that, if successful could transform the sport.

Since its inception, Formula 1 has relied on outboard power dominated by  Nicolo di San Germano two-stroke units. Early tests and comments from drivers suggest the Caudwell Marine power pack could be a winner.

The engine is energy efficient, all aluminium Nissan V6 naturally aspirated 3.5 litre block attached to a custom made Axis outdrive.

Installed in an elderly two-seat DAC catamaran, early performance figures are very encouraging setting an unofficial South African speed record of 142 mph: accelerating from standstill to 100 mph in four seconds.

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