Frauscher launches 747 Mirage superyacht tender

Austrian tender specialist Frauscher has released details of its latest 25ft model to be launched

As a landlocked country, Austria really has no logical reason to produce boats, but thankfully for us it does.

The latest model from Ohlsdorf boatbuilders Frauscher has arrived, and it is every inch as visually striking as we’ve come to expect.

Mirroring the Studio Kiska design of the 858 Fantom yacht tender (but with better spelling), the 747 Mirage shows off Frauscher’s racing heritage.

The design team call it “radical” and “suggestive of supercar design”, with a low nose, side air intakes, and Z-shaped split line.

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This is backed up by the performance figures, with a claimed top speed of 56 knots. Buyers can choose between a Mercruiser petrol engine or a Volvo Penta diesel, with outputs ranging from 220-430hp.

Practical features include gangways either side of the rear bathing platform, while the co-driver’s backrest can fold down to create a chaise longue-effect.

Optional extras include a Bluetooth-compatible stereo system, a fridge and bimini top, as well as a wide range of colours.

The Frauscher 747 Mirage will get its public debut at the 2014 Cannes Boat Show (9-14 September). First deliveries are expected in early 2015 and prices start at 117,900 euros (£94,000).


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