Freak storm sends cruise ship passengers flying

VIDEO: Passengers on the Pacific Sun cruise ship have their worst nightmares realised when they get hit by a freak storm

This incredible CCTV footage, posted today on the LiveLeak website, captures the moment when severe storms struck a P&O cruise ship.

Huge waves battered the Pacific Sun cruise liner, around 400 miles off the coast of New Zealand, injuring 42 people in 2008.

The video shows the staff and passengers being thrown backwards and forwards across the ship, with one unfortunate woman flying face-first into a column.

One passenger, Elizabeth Basher, told the Daily Mail, “We were getting a pre-dinner drink at the bar, moved to a safe place to be on the carpet to get some traction, and suddenly it happened, and we were just thrown across towards a plate-glass window”.

P&O offered the guests a 25% discount on their next cruise as compensation for the incident.


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