Future-E first look: Electric Lamborghini of the seas to launch in 2024

An all-electric sportsboat that flies on foils has been unveiled by Italian start-up Futur-E. On display at the recent Cannes Yachting Festival, the 17ft-long prototype features supercar-like styling with Lamborghini-style scissor doors on either side and a sliding roof...

The cabin is focussed around a single central bucket seat with an F1-style wheel and futuristic helm console. There is room for a couple of extra passengers on a rear bench seat.

Sea trials have already been successfully completed at speeds of up to 32 knots using a conventional 115hp Mercury Verado outboard engine.

This is located beneath the “tailgate” and will ultimately be replaced by an electric sterndrive leg that will draw its power from a battery bank located underneath the “bonnet”.

Four independently adjustable foils enable it to start flying at 12 knots and, because the hull lifts clear of the surface, is said to offer an unusually refined ride.

Height sensors provide vital trim information. The carbon fibre construction includes cores created from recycled plastics and synthetic decking.

The electric boat version will include solar panelling on its horizontal surfaces. It will be built at the company’s Bologna facility from early next year with an expected on-water price of around €1 million (ex taxes).

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Future-E specifications

LOA: 17ft 1in / 5.2m
Beam: 6ft 7in / 2 m
Air draft (Planing): 4ft 7in / 1.4m
Air draft (Foiling): 6ft 3in / 1.9 m
Displacement (Light): 1,580kg (3,483lbs)
Displacement (Loaded): 2,000kg (4,409lbs)
Engines: Outboard/inboard electric
Foil assisted speed: 8 knots
Foiling speed: 16 knots
Top speed: >30 knots
Price (approx): €1million (ex. VAT)