Galatea plans worldwide expansion after successful European launch

The boat service provider is aiming big after becoming the largest marine support network in the world

Marine service provider Galatea is broadening its horizons after a rapid expansion in Europe.

Following a successful launch in 2012, the company now boasts a network of 4,000 technicians throughout the Mediterranean, Baltic, North and Black Sea coastlines, as well as the North Atlantic.

However, with word spreading beyond the Continent, the company is setting its sights even higher.

John Stone from Galatea told MBM: “Obviously this project has American, Caribbean and APAC all over it, and that’s on the roadmap for 2015. We’re following the trends and that’s where many of our customers want to go in the future.”

Galatea offers a two-level membership; the basic package comprises the MyBoats app (10 euros per month or 99 euros per year), which allows boat owners to manage key documentation, view graphics and set regular service intervals.

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Those who want telephone support and the opportunity to call out a technician pay 69 euros per year for a maximum of two malfunctions, or 179 euros per year for unlimited support.

Beyond that, Galatea also offers a premium service for 849 euros per year, whereby two technicians are sent out to catalogue your boat and all of its documentation.

The appeal of the service has proved huge among cash-rich, time-poor boat owners who have a zero-tolerance approach to wasting valuable holiday time waiting for repairs.

“In the support centre we can solve 30% of problems without sending anyone out, but if a customer has MyBoats set-up, that goes up to 50%,” John adds.

And despite significant advances in technology the humble toilet is still the most likely source of trouble, we are told.

All mass production brands are covered by Galatea, from Azimut to Windy via Fairline and Princess, and John estimates that the company can provide support for new makes and models within three days of launch.

But regardless of who you trust to look after your boat, preparation is the key to an enjoyable holiday, John advises.

“People tend to procrastinate in terms of getting their boat ready for the summer. The sooner that you prepare for the season, the less downtime you will have during your vacation.”


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