Gone Fishin’

A rest day in Port Deauville and a lucky catch for the MBM team....

Monday 19th June

Day 10

Position – Port Deauville

Although it was a rest day for the fleet it was an early start for the MBM team, they had to report to the Capitainerie to organise a tanker for refuelling the seven boats that will require fuel. The tanker will be coming along the sea wall tomorrow morning. The cost of the diesel will be 1.08? per litre.

A slightly cooler day today by comparison, with grey skies overhead and occasional heavy showers. With many of the fleet off in town there were a few jobs as always to do around the two MBM boats. Ray got stuck into cleaning and hosing down the outside of Calm Voyager. When the jobs were done, Neale, Claire and Matt went onto a shopping excursion to top up the essentials aboard Calm Voyager. The two boys had been watching local fisherman pulling out fish on the opposite bank all day yesterday, so a stroll back to the boats via the fishing tackle shop the two came back grinning and armed with two fishing rods.
A couple of hours later Neale had caught a rather large Mullet, approximate weight of 3lb (see picture). Ken from ‘Harmonie’ assisted in gutting the fish and Diana aboard ‘Zanique’ has been preparing it for supper tonight. Just moments ago Matt managed to hook another slightly smaller fish on the opposite bank but let it go.

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The fleet are due to depart for Fecamp on Wednesday. Neale has been keeping an eye on a weather system developing in the west. Hopefully this will pass over before the move.



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