Gumball on water

A cross-channel motorboating rally will take place between August 16 and 19

A cross-channel motorboating rally will take place between August 16 and 19 taking participants down the Thames from central London to Poole via Boulogne, Dieppe and Deauville.

The four day event known as the BladeRun Rally replaces last year’s Gumball Rally and is again aimed to attract the more adventurous and fun loving celebrity motor boating enthusiast. Like the inaugural event, the end of each stage will again see participants attending glamorous parties and receptions in locations varying from Casinos to private Chateaux and five star hotels.

Invited entrants include many well known TV personalities and sporting celebrities together with leading names in the entertainment industry. The rally will begin with an exclusive send off party in the Henry Moore Gallery opposite the Royal Albert Hall on the night of Wednesday 16th August, where a number of performance powerboats and supercars will be seen on display.

At 10.30am on the Thursday 17th of August an awesome mix power boats of various shapes and sizes will set off from the Pool of London for the 2006 BladeRun.

Launched in 2005 with the support of Gumball 3000, the Blade Run has more than tripled in size this year and is set to be a permanent fixture on the boating social calendar.

About the Organisers

The Blade Run is organized by Edward Balme and Duncan Scholes.
The 2005 Blade Run (Deauville Rally), sponsored by Gumball 3000, was founded and set up by Edward Balme. Edward, whose grandfather captured the famous Enigma Decoder machine from a German U-boat, has grown up spending much of his time racing around in power boats in St Tropez. Previous to the Blade Run, Edward worked as a music video producer. The idea for organizing a “Gumball rally” style event on water came about during a powerboat orientated production he was working on.

After skippering boats around the world for a few years, Duncan Scholes has spent the last three years working for the Gumball Rally – the world’s most notorious rally, where he’s taken the helm for merchandising, publishing, events planning and rally logistics. When Gumball endorsed the Blade Run last year, Duncan saw a fantastic opportunity with a comparable lifestyle event and has consequently joined forces with Ed Balme to make the Blade Run a distinguished event for sponsors, entrants and fans.


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