Jaguar unveils speedboat concept

Jaguar Cars reveals speedboat concept in conjunction with XF Sportbrake launch

Jaguar has created a speedboat concept in conjunction with superyacht designer Ivan Erdevicki to coincide with the launch of its XF Sportbrake.

Although very much a concept – the images don’t even show a completed interior – Jaguar has turned its eye to speedboat design beautifully.


The details like the way the teak curves down over the transom, the pop-up cleats, stainless exhausts and D-Type-style fin running aft from the helm seat are all sumptuous.

The Jaguar heritage doesn’t stop with the fin either, the red 2+1 cockpit echoes classic Jaguar sportscars and even the filler cap is inspired by the series 1 XJ.

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At 20ft long and 6ft 7in wide the Jag speedboat is also the perfect glamourous accessory to tow to your seaside retreat, though Jaguar has given no inkling as to what will be propelling the boat once it’s in the water.

Jaguar director of design Ian Callum says: “We recognise that both our existing and future customers enjoy diverse and active lifestyles. With the launch of the new Jaguar XF Sportbrake, we had an opportunity to create a vision of how our design philosophy might be applied to an alternative product, in which speed and beauty are also priorities.

“The Concept Speedboat looks powerful. It follows, in so many ways, the idea of a traditional speedboat but with the sleek and fast characteristics that you would expect from a Jaguar Car.”

Although it may have only been built for the simple reason that Jaguar didn’t want the XF Sportbrake towing a caravan to its press launch, we’d love to see the concept go in to production.

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