Keep your boat safe this winter

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High value items such as chartplotters, TVs, outboards, tenders and even boats themselves are all easy targets to criminals, especially during the quiet winter months. Only by making your boat and its ancillaries less desirable to thieves is it possible to have year-round peace of mind.

To give police a fighting chance of recovering stolen property and prosecuting those responsible, it is essential that your valuables are traceable. Boatowners can now benefit from the same technology and tactics that the UK’s infrastructure providers and cash-in-transit companies are using to convict serious, organised criminals and suppress crime rates across the UK.

SmartWater® is an effective deterrent because it provides robust traceability to valuable items, thereby linking property back to its owner and criminals with the crime scene. Though SmartWater may not be a familiar name to you, it is well known to the criminal fraternity because it makes them accountable for their actions, increasing their risk of being caught.

SmartWater’s Marine Coding System provides boatowners with an effective solution to the threat of theft, it:

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  • Is used by police forces across the UK
  • Has a 100% conviction rate in court
  • Has aided more than 1000 convictions for crimes including burglary and robbery
  • Boasts over one million SmartWater users in the UK

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