London Boat Show teases 2015 event with new video

Visitors to next year’s London Boat Show have been given a few hints as to what they can expect

With just over three months to go until the 2015 London Boat Show (9-18 January), the organisers at the BMF have given us a glimpse into what lies in store next year.

The new 94-second clip (below) describes the show as a place “where adventure starts”, “where pioneers meet” and “where innovation shines”.

Amid fast-paced shots of powerboat and sailboats, there are also plenty of watersports squeezed in, from kite surfing and windsurfing to kayaking and white water rafting.

As well as the video, the organisers have also launched an online personality test to help you find out if you are an adventurer, a pioneer or an innovator.

Advance tickets for the 2015 London Boat Show are on sale now, with prices starting at £10 per person for 12-14 January.

To watch the teaser video for next year’s show, click on the player above.



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