Lucci Levi maintains powerboating tradition

17-year-old Lucci Levi will follows in the footsteps of her mother and grandmother

Following a tradition of the ladies in her family, Lucci Levi, the 17-year-old daughter of the Hon Laura Levi and granddaughter of Lady Violet Aitken, is set to join the sport of offshore powerboat racing.

Lucci will join the P1 150 Supersport class contender Eclipse at the forthcoming Powerboat Festival at Cowes on August 27. She will race alongside Rose Lores as co-driver/navigator.

Her grandfather, the late Sir Max Aitken, would have been extremely proud.

It was Sir Max, then MD of Express Newspapers, who in 1961 instructed his Special Events Department to sponsor and organise a race for fast motor boats between his home in Cowes and Torquay in the West Country.

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The International Daily Express Cowes-Torquay race set the pattern for the rest of the world to follow and so created the modern sport of offshore powerboat racing.

Sir Max was a regular powerboat contender himself, not only in his own event but also abroad in Miami and Italy.

His wife, Lady Violet, was also an enthusiastic competitor in her Rolls Royce-powered Ultra Violet, while her daughter, Laura, Lucci’s mother, not only raced alongside her father aboard Gypsy Girl in the roughest Cowes-Torquay on record in 1971, but two years later she won the prize for being youngest driver taking part.

Having the world renowned powerboat designer Sonny Levi as her paternal grandfather, Lucci probably has the best powerboating pedigree afloat although a tough racing background to live up to.


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