Marex 375 to head up the range

The aft cabin is gone but the Marex 375 offers up some other delights

Marex announces a new flagship and at the same its former USP is thrown out of the window. Is losing the aft cabin a mistake? We shall have to wait and see but it’s fair to say that on the excellent 370 and 320 the fantastic cabins at the stern changed the way we thought about aft-bedroomed boats.

The Marex 375 is more aimed at people who care about the spaces they use when they’re awake, so it’s the decks that have been the main focus on this new project.

The idea being that you have two ready-made living areas, one inside, one outside, so you can sit wherever the weather dictates without having to mess around with canopies. The cockpit even has a hard top over it and the saloon a sunroof to add to the versatility, it’s nicely done.

The hull is an extension of the 370’s single shaftdrive design. To separate the 375 from its aft cabin sister even further, Marex plans to fit two 400hp Volvo Penta D6 engines mated to slippy, grippy sterndrives. With that amount of horsepower in the engineroom this thing should be a genuine speed machine, not to mention a good laugh to chuck around.

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On board, although the aft cabin is gone, you still get two spacious and comfortbale cabins, a double in the bow and then a very spacious midships cabin (pictured, which could be the master if you don’t mind a walk to the toilet) sprawling aft beneath the saloon.

Yes the aft cabin is gone but with Marex’s track record in building capable and cleverly thought out boats the 375 has the potential to be another star.

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