Marina fire destroys 26 boats

VIDEO: A devastating fire at McCotters Marina in Washington, North Carolina, left three people injured

A devastating fire in Washington, North Carolina, saw 26 boats destroyed as flames raged through a marina in the dead of night.

The fire at McCotters Marina on Broad Creek began at about 12.30am on Friday 7 January.

The official report from Bunyan Fire Department described the horrific scene awaiting the fire service: “Before arrival communications advised incoming units [that] an explosion had occurred with [the] entire north dock fully engulfed with entrapments on other boats.”

Three people were treated for burns, hypothermia and other minor

injuries, according to the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office, which is

investigating the cause of the fire.

In a statement the Sherriff’s Office said: “Physical evidence located during the investigation and information collected during interviews indicates that the fire was caused by an electrical fault.”

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Investigators from North Carolina’s Coast Guard were also on the scene assessing the amount of pollution from the fire, according to a report in the Washington Daily News.


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