Missing Link log 1 August 1999

Main PIcture: Ramsgate Harbour
Crew: Kim Hollamby, Paul Oram, Sally Chapman.
From: Ramsgate Marina, Kent.
To: Blankenberge Marina, Belgium.
Port engine start hours: 504.3. Finish hours: 512.5. Hours run: 8.2.
Stbd engine start hours: 504.1. Finish hours: 512.3. Hours run: 8.2.
Log start: 5846.6nm. Log finish: 5962.9nm. Distance run: 116.3nm.

Navigation log (full commentary follows below)
Paid two nights moorings ‘29.70.
1050: underway.
1110: wpt 497 51 19.50N 001 33.50E 0.8nm E of Goodwin Knoll. Vis: 1nm. Sea: smooth. Wind: calm. Sp: 24kn.
1121: wpt 498 51 16.00N 001 37.00E 0.9nm E of E Goodwin east cardinal. Vis: 2nm.
1130: wpt 499 51 13.00N 001 38.00E 1.1nm E of E Goodwin lightship. Turn onto 138¡M to cross TSS. Vis: 4nm. ‘Longfleet’ in sight. Sp: 17kn.
1136: entering lanes.
1205: Ruytingen SW. Turn for wpt 504.
1218: wpt 504 51 02.50N 001 51.50E Pass S of Dunkerque Lanby.
1241: wpt 505 51 02.00N 002 01.00E Pass S of DW5.
1259: wpt 506 51 02.80N 002 08.40E run outside channel to NW of DW15. Catch ‘Ocean Otter’. Sp: 12kn.
1301: wpt 507 51 03.20N 002 09.00E Cross Dunkerque channel to DW16.
1338: wpt 508 51 04.00N 002 23.00E E1.
1354: wpt 509 51 04.80N 002 28.30E SW of E7/E8.
1409: wpt 510 51 07.50N 002 30.90E N of E11/S of E12.
1501: wpt 511 51 12.00N 002 47.50E 0.4nm S of Zuidstroombank port mk.
1525: wpt 512 51 14.60N 002 54.70E 0.35nm outside Oostende on ld line.
1532: 2nm up track from Oostende. Turning back to find ‘Barracuda V’.
1605: 1.1nm off Nieuwpoort.
1620: found ‘Barracuda V’ close to Trapegeer SHM. Turn and run back to Nieuwpoort at 25kn.
1632: approaching Nieuwpoort entrance.
1650: alongside diesel pontoon at KYC harbour. Diesel 428lt 4280BFR.
1720: underway.
1758: off Oostende. Sp: 22kn.
1803: catch Barracuda V. 51 12.90N 002 55.32E. Sp: 7.2kn.
1900: entering Blankenberge Harbour.
1925: alongside ‘Emma IV’ on eight boat raft!

Kim Hollamby reports:

The next chapter of the Grand Tour commenced today with Missing Link joining 22 other motorboats ranging in cruising speed from 7 knots to 25 knots and in length from 8.2m to 15.9m for the magazine’s second cruise in company of the season to Belgium and the Netherlands.

One immediate piece of good news has been the forecast that promises calm waters for the next couple of days at least. With this in mind we immediately accelerated our programme, dropping an intermediate stop in favour of a direct run to Blankenberge today (originally scheduled for the second night) with a view to pressing on for Ijmuiden tomorrow.

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