Missing Link log 21 July 1999

Crew: Kim Hollamby, Jake Kavanagh.
From: Boston Marina, River Witham.
To: Brundall, River Yare via Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.
Port engine start hours: 475.1. Finish hours: 484.3. Hours run: 9.2.
Stbd engine start hours: 477.3. Finish hours: 485.4. Hours run: 8.1.
Log start: 5565.6. Log finish: 5670.4. Distance run: 104.8.

0940: underway and into Grand Sluice.
1005: out of Grand Sluice.
1028: Church Pt. Drop to port engine for maintenance checks on stbd.
1055: switch to stbd engine for maintenance checks on port.
1110: on both engines. Re-rig mast and radar reflector.
1130: Tabs Head.
1150: Foxtrot PHM. Wind WSW F5-6. Sea: 1-1.5m rollers with white horses. Vis: good. Sp: 22kn.
1152: Echo PHM.
1157: Charlie PHM.
1203: wpt 1206 0.2nm SW Boston Roads. 52 57.80N 000 16.00E.
1237: wpt 1219 imm S Woolpack PHM. 53 02.50N 000 31.50E. Waves now 1.5m-2m.
1258: S of Bridgirdle PHM.
1337: 52 59.08N 001 06.38E.
1400: wpt 1220 1.3nm N Foulness. Sp: 23kn.
1452: wpt 1221 0.3nm W of Bell Cockle ECM. Now gaining some shelter from land.
1506: wpt 1222 0.3nm off headland nr Newtown. Strong wind gusts on beam.
1514: wpt 1223 On ldg line 264T for Great Yarmouth hb ent 0.3nm to run.
1516: hbr ent. Off the plane.
1535: alongside Town Quay.
1600: through Haven Bridge.
1605: through Breydon Bridge and into Breydon Water. Head seas!
1645: alongside Goodchild Marine Services, River Waveney. Diesel 364.32lt ‘94.20. Broads visitor licence (seven day) ‘27.40.
1715: underway.
1729: Berney Arms Mill, River Yare.
1810: through Reedham swingbridge.
1825: Reedham Ferry.
1850: Cantley.
1940: arriving Brundall.
2015: alongside Surlingham Ferry House Inn.

Kim Hollamby reports:

Given the proximity of Boston town, the places we had yet to explore there and the friendly nature of the marina and its berth-holders, we could have easily taken the sound of the wind trying to dislodge the leaves from the trees as a cue for not going anywhere. The reputation of the Wash would have also played a part. But, with the weather still out of the west and therefore more or less on Missing Link’s tail for much of the way, I decided to take the first opening of the Grand Sluice (HW-2, known as ‘first level’). If it all looked a bit too much we could always turn tail and make the second level around four hours later.

Missing Link at Sea off the North Norfolk coast


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