Missing Link log 29 July 1999

Main PIcture: Bess floats an idea to an advertising client. Crew: Kim Hollamby, Bess Cullis.
From: Suffolk Yacht Harbour, Levington, R Orwell.
To: Titchmarsh Marina, Walton Backwaters.
Port engine start hours: 498.8. Finish hours: 500.8. Hours run: 2.0.
Stbd engine start hours: 499.5. Finish hours: 500.7. Hours run: 1.2.
Log start: 5780.9nm. Log finish: 5793.8nm. Distance run: 12.9nm.

Navigation log (full commentary follows below)
Paid one night mooring ‘13.87 plus ‘3 electricity.
1130: underway.
1150: at anchor just to NE of Bay SHM inshore of swinging moorings.
1530: underway.
1559: Shotley Spit SCM.
1610: Cliff Foot PHM. Wind ENE F4. Vis: locally good, hazy on horizon.
1617: WFYC No2 PHM and into Walton Backwaters approach channel.
1630: Island Pt NCM.
1655: inside Titchmarsh Marina entrance and alongside berth A17.

Kim Hollamby reports:

“I had been sailing on the Orwell near Ipswich and all the other East Coast estuaries for many years, and had tried to come to terms with the problems. But when you have to trudge across a muddy beach to reach your dinghy, and then row some way out into the channel before you even reach your boat, you start to envy people who can simply walk aboard.

“You read about the new marinas that are being built in the Solent and down at Brighton – all over the world in fact – and you dream a little.”

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So wrote chartered surveyor Michael Spear in 1960. A year later he was carrying out a valuation for probate on a recently inherited piece of farmland, including 60 acres made useless when a freak tide on the River Orwell near the village of Levington had breached an old river wall constructed by Napoleonic prisoners of way. Spear and new owner Charles Stennet had their basis for a marina (although they desisted from using the term).

Missing Link anchored off Broke Hall Hard.


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