Motor Boat Awards 2021: Nominate your customer service heroes for our virtual ceremony

The Motor Boat Awards are going virtual in 2021 and we need your help to decide who should win our coveted Customer Service Award

What a strange year it has been! If someone had told me this time last year that we’d all be prisoners in our own homes, barred from seeing friends or nipping out for a pint let alone visiting our own boats, I’d have dismissed them as a crackpot. And yet when it happened, we groaned and we grumbled but for the most part we did what was asked of us for the greater good.

Arguably, as a magazine we didn’t have it as bad as many marine businesses, which had to shut up shop, but without boats to test or shows to visit we had to find more creative ways of filling the pages.

I mention this because we’re announcing the finalists for the 2021 Motor Boat Awards in the next issue of MBY (out December 3) and due to the smaller number of boats we were able to test, means we’ve also reduced the number of categories from 11 to 8.

However, the one category which takes on one even more significance than usual is the Customer Service Award. Given the tough times they’ve already been through this year and the added expense of running a business with Covid restrictions in place, they need your support more than ever.

So please take the time to nominate any UK-based marine business (brokers, dealers, marinas, engineers, retailers etc.) that has gone out of its way to look after you or your boat.

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Just email me at with the words ‘Service Award’ in the subject line and a brief description of what they did to merit your nomination before December 16.

The winners will be announced in a virtual ceremony on 19 January and in the March 2021 edition of Motor Boat & Yachting.


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