MP calls for safeguards in wake of Windermere boat deaths

Following the deaths of a mother and daughter on Lake Windermere in a suspected case of carbon monoxide poisoning, MP Barry Sheerman has issued safety tips for boaters

Following reports of two Windermere boat deaths in a suspected case of carbon monoxide poisoning, an MP has called for boaters to be vigilant when it comes to gas safety.

Following the tragic deaths of Kelly Webster and her daughter Laura Thornton, Huddersfield MP Barry Sheerman, chair of the All Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide group (APPCOG), said,”My condolences go to the family and survivors of this needless tragedy. The shocking event this Easter weekend strengthens our resolve to ensure holiday makers are kept safe from the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning.

“We’ve seen an increase in incidents throughout the last few years related to carbon monoxide from various different sources. Boat cabins are one of these environments where people need to be particularly careful. Through the All Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group we are working with the Boat Safety Scheme and many others to tackle these incidents.”

Boat Safety Scheme advice to avoid a carbon monoxide incident is to:

Install fuel burning appliances properly
Maintain appliances and engines routinely
Use the equipment correctly
Don’t allow engine fumes into the cabin space
Deal with problems immediately
Don’t allow bodged repairs and maintenance
Install a CO alarm
Test the alarm routinely
Never remove the batteries
Know the signs of CO poisoning and how to react.

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Police are yet to confirm that the Windermere boat deaths are a result of carbon monoxide poisoning.

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