The new Brit Pack: Aston Martin AM37

The new Aston Martin AM37 is a truly bespoke, handcrafted work
 of art bearing one of the world’s
 most evocative brand names

We couldn’t run a feature on the new generation of British sportsboats such as Fairline F-Line 33, Bladerunner 45 and Princess R35 without mentioning the most exclusive of them all.

The Aston Martin AM37 isn’t just reassuringly expensive but thanks to input from some of the world’s most talented car designers, it’s also drop-dead gorgeous. And unlike most of its rivals (Bladerunner 45 excepted), this one’s already in build.
We published a drive story of the prototype back in February 2017 and although production versions haven’t exactly been flying out of the factory gates since then, the fourth boat is now in build with a fifth due
to start construction next year.

At the time of our sea trial, the factory was still fine-tuning some 
of the complex systems such as the sliding carbon-fibre cockpit covers. They have used the intervening months to good effect, refining these niggly elements, as well as modifying the aft section of the hull to promote faster planning and a flatter ride angle. We’re told it’s now six seconds quicker on to the plane and thanks
to that lower trim angle, it should
cut through the chop better too.

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Let’s be honest though, you’re 
not going to buy an AM37 for the dynamics alone – you can buy
 a production RIB that will go faster
and handle just as well for a tenth
of the cost. The reason for spending £1 million on an AM37 (or £1.6m if
 you opt for the fully loaded AM37S with twin 520hp Mercury Racing
V8s) is the pleasure of owning 
a truly bespoke, handcrafted work
 of art bearing one of the world’s
most evocative brand names.
 Each boat is built by a small team
of craftsman over an eight-month
period at Quintessence’s workshop
in Whitely, Hampshire.

Aston Martin AM37 on water

The cockpit alone is a visual and tactile delight 
of hand-stitched saddle leather, glossy woven carbon fibre and sparkling stainless-steel detailing
 that outshines even Riva’s best efforts.
The glass bridge helm is as slick
 as the styling and features its own built-in concierge service that allows the factory to monitor all the systems by remote wherever it is in the world, ensuring a backup service to match its lofty ambitions. The AM37 is never going to be on everyone’s shopping list but that’s precisely the point.
At this level, the last thing you want 
is to pull into port and find another one sat in the berth next to you.
 With a maximum output of just seven boats a year, the chances of that happening are infinitesimally small.

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At a glance…

Length: 36ft 5in (11.1m)
Beam:  12ft 1in (3.68m)
Engines: 370hp-520hp
Mercury: petrol or diesel
Top speed: 50 knots
Price: from £995,000 inc VAT


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