New Panther class proves a winner for P1 SuperStock

Smaller, 150hp-class Ring hull unlikely to be replaced any time soon

Following its first successful P1 SuperStock season, the 250hp Panther SS hull (pictured) has now firmly established itself in the five-round P1 series.

It has been slowly replacing the earlier 250hp-class hull launched seven years ago with the Honda Formula 4-Stroke competition.

Although an exciting design, the slightly smaller 250hp Honda hull was prone to capsize during tight cornering, a problem which has not been repeated so far with the 28ft (8.5m) Panther.

The new boat dominated this year’s championship with the overall title going to Pertemps driven by John Wilson and Neil Scarborough.

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They won the series by a mere four points over their closest rivals, Peters & May, crewed by Darren Hook and navigator David Harwood. Simon Bates and Philippa Baker finished the year in third slot.

“To become the inaugural Panther champions is a very special feeling and to have won back-to-back titles makes it even more satisfying,” said Wilson.

“Neil and I worked very hard with lots of practice behind the scenes. It was obvious the most together crew with the best understanding would win.”

The smaller 150hp SuperStock class remains loyal to the original Ring hull which launched the Honda Formula 4-Stroke in the late 90s before the arrival of the larger 250hp category.

Team Purple
dominated the season in the hands of husband and wife team, Stuart and Sarah Cureton. Such was their points lead they secured the title before the final round actually took place.

The popularity of the Ring runabout as a competive hull in SuperStock 150 remains as strong as ever as is unlikely to be replaced by the SuperStock organisers in the immediate future.

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