New Sunseeker Germany office

The new Sunseeker Germany office in Düsseldorf is now part of Sunseeker London

Sunseeker Germany is under new management as it becomes part of Sunseeker London, the leading Sunseeker distribution group.

The new office will open up on the iconic Königsallee 90, Düsseldorf later this year in a shared showroom with the exclusive high-performance car manufacture BRABUS.

The unique show room totals 400 square metres and is based on the southern end of Königsallee, where Sunseeker will showcase several to-scale-models of their yachts.

There will also be mood boards of materials displayed to help clients start to customise their Sunseeker and The Sunseeker Collection will be available in store and ready to order.

BRABUS will display an exclusive selection of Mercedes-Benz based BRABUS supercars and refurbished vintage cars for clients to view.

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Sunseeker Germany is one of the latest companies to join the Sunseeker London Group, which has grown year on year to become one of the largest privately owned new yacht sales companies globally, with group turnover expected to pass £200 million in 2017.

Chris Head, Sunseeker London group sales director commented: “The new flagship store in Düsseldorf partnered with BRABUS will open up a world of opportunities for both of us. We are now positioned more appropriately to be able to integrate with the German clientele more efficiently and effectively. We are very excited for this new venture.”

The joint flagship store of both global brands, BRABUS and Sunseeker, will open it’s doors in late autumn.

Go to the Sunseeker Germany website for more.


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