New XO 240 RS Open from the makers of Paragon

A hard-as-nails, aluminium day boat from the makers of the Paragon range

The new XO 240 RS Open is set to change the way we think about aluminium boats – by not looking like one at all.


The topsides are wrapped in a special film from 3M,

banishing the typically commercial looks of an aluminium boat’s bare

hull. And this has potential to be any colour or design that the owner

wants, to the extent of having photos plastered on to the side of the


Time will tell as to how resistant the wraps are to bumps

and scratches but there is the benefit of being able to change the

colour of your boat with the greatest of ease.

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The boat is one in a range of six models – from a 200 up to a 270 – but the 240 RS Open will be the first one to come to the UK.

The boats use commercial-grade aluminium for strength and lightness coupled to Evinrude’s equally lightweight 2-stroke outboards.

The 240 RS Open is fitted with the Evinrude 300hp and has managed a top speed of 50 knots in preliminary testing.

The easy servicing and maintenance schedule of Evinrude outboards fits nicely with the XO ethos that the boats are tough, durable and don’t need too much looking after.

The 270, which is a wheelhouse design, will have an inboard diesel engine.

will be jumping on board the boat within the next couple of weeks and with the Paragon 25 and 31 already under their belts, we can’t wait to see what the XO team have come up with on this new venture.

Prices for the 240 RS Open start at around £30,000.

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