Nordhavn 76 owner launches Hurricane Odile charity drive

Doug Jackson will be using his Nordhavn 76 to deliver supplies to the residents of Cabo San Lucas

Two weeks after a hurricane hit the Mexican resort town of Cabo San Lucas, a Nordhavn owner has taken it upon himself to deliver much-needed supplies donated by a local charity drive.

Doug Jackson, whose Nordhavn 76 (pictured above) is moored in Newport Beach California, will be embarking upon the 1,175-mile voyage later this month.

He expects it to take three and a half days of continuous cruising in total.

His charity drive has seen local residents and businesses donate clothes, shoes, food, water and tools to help the residents of the resort town, which was hit by Hurricane Odile on 14 September.

“When I put the word out about collecting donations, everyone stepped up,” he said. “Everyone has been really generous.”

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Cabo San Lucas is a popular destination for Nordhavn owners and local reports claim that vessels have been swept away from their moorings and slips.

More than two weeks after the storm, thousands of people are still without power, water and other basic necessities.

Mr Jackson moors Tortuga, his Nordhavn 76, in Cabo San Lucas for eight months out of the year, but was fortunate that both he and his boat were in Newport Beach when it hit.

Winds of up to 125mph made Odile the strongest hurricane to hit Cabo San Lucas to date, killing at least five people.

And while Doug admits it’s tempting to shrink from the challenge, he adds: “It doesn’t help to stay away.”

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