Opening P1 round in Yalta proves successful

Ukrainian event attracts strong support despite recent withdrawal of P1 management

The Ukrainian fixture in Yalta, which had been confirmed on the calendar earlier in the year, attracted a strong fleet over the weekend despite the withdrawal of P1 support in March.

With teams already committed to their sponsors and support crews, most have now decided to attend as many pre-arranged venues within their own financial restraints.

Titled the Yalta Grand Prix of The Sea, Snav-KitonS (pictured), and Baia Attolini won the Evolution and Super Sport class trophies respectively by winning both races on Saturday and Sunday, with Baia Attolini setting the fastest time in the pre-race PowerPole time trials on Friday.

Evolution Class

Unlike the Sprint race the previous day, the longer Endurance leg delivered little suspense during the first lap.

Furnibo took a slight lead from SNAV in the opening run which lasted until the first turning marker before the Italian OSG overtook the Fountain 40 Lighting and take the lead.

OSG Racing Team stayed ahead to cross the line 15 seconds ahead of second placed Metamarine.

The Italian built Seatek-powered Metamarine is showing huge potential yet again this year, reminiscent of its 2008 season.

Ultimately the Belgian Fountain boat Furnibo finished in third place to share a 28 point second place slot on the championship table with Metamarine.

Super Sport Class

This production, 90 mph speed-limited class was closely fought with Baia Attolini leading from beginning to end.

Spirit of Belgium finished in second place after a close battle with Seagull which lasted until the third lap when the new Nor-Tech boat overtook the 2009 Championship winning Chaudron.

Third placed went to the new 38ft Italian-entered Fountain Karelpiu, compensating for its breakdown in Saturday’s Sprint race.

The Albatro hull Jolly Drive held fifth until the penultimate marker when a photo finish final run gave this Italian team a fourth place ending.

The local Ukrainian Spirit Seagull 2009 Super Sport title winner which held second place in the opening legs ended fifth.

Big Sergio and the new Outerlimits had a slow race finally bringing up the rear in sixth position.

Yalta Grand Prix of the Sea



1. Snav – Kiton

2. Metamarine Foresti Sguardi

3. Furnibo


1. Baia Attolini

2. Spirit of Belgium

3. Karelpiu – RG87

4. Jolly Drive

5. Seagull

6. Big Sergio

– Team 26 DNS


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