Our Prayers Answered

The sun comes out for the fleet's move to Brouwershaven

Sunday 13th August

Day 9

Position – Brouwershaven

51°43′. 583 N 003°54′. 918 E

Sun. Glorious, warm and very welcome sun. The dire predictions of the weathermen were cast aside and the fleet basked under clear skies. So everyone was a bit more chipper today as the move was made to Brouwershaven from Port Zeeland, a trip of about 3 miles.

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We had to leave one boat behind -Kwester III. The boat’s battery issues had not been resolved by the time the fleet was ready to move, and will spend another night in Port Zeeland. They are expected to catch us up tomorrow.

We also had a run in with local law enforcement, who demanded to see Claire’s ICC papers. She was aboardTime Fliesand was pulled over as part of a police campaign to clamp down on people without the appropriate certification speeding in RIBs.

All was well though, after the proper papers were produced. Cruise leader Kim, meanwhile, was having an interesting time negotiating the fleet into the small basin in the centre of Brouwershaven. The fleet literally sits in the middle of town, with local bars and restaurants only a few metres away.

For the evening a pontoon party was organised. From various galleys came snacks, and a fair few bottles of wine. All crews seemed to have a good time under the setting sun.

Tomorrow is a rest day here in Brouwershaven. The forecast, again, does not look all that promising, but we’ll have to wait and see what the weather brings.



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