Outerlimits secures first US win at Cowes

Lucas Oil Outerlimits of Joe Sgro wins on Saturday

The Mercury-powered Lucas Oil Outerlimits boat of Joe Sgro and Nigel Hook took the chequered flag in Saturday’s first leg of the P1 British Grand Prix, the historic Round the Island race, followed just a half boat-length away by its arch rivals King of Shaves, with Italian’s OSG in third. The result was a much-needed boost for the team whose season has been a mixture of great racing and misfortune.

With calm waters making for high speed racing around the Island, these high-speed racing craft were able to drive flat-out which, as they neared the chequered flag, put many above the average top-speed limit, implemented for safety reasons. As a result, the racing spectacle became somewhat confusing as the lead boats slowed before the chequered flag to avoid time penalties. It was probably inevitable after the fast and furious early pace.

The unusual ending just added to the drama of a race that had been intensely competitive throughout. The early series of circuit laps, before the boats embarked upon the circumnavigation of the island, had seen King of Shaves take the lead from the off with most of the field in close contention. Wettpunkt.com was forced out early with a blown turbine leaving Outerlimits, OSG and Fainplast to contest the lead, and they did in thrilling fashion. At St Katherine’s, the halfway point, three boats, the British King of Shaves, American Outerlimits and Italian OSG passed almost in a dead heat – a stunning sight by the World’s fastest mono-hulls and further proof of the competitiveness of the Evolution class.

Italians Fainplast were first to take the chequered flag but a time penalty, imposed for exceeding the top average speed limit demoted them to fourth. King of Shaves Fountain Worldwide still lead the Evolution class by 90 points.

2007 UIM Powerboat P1 World Championship

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British Grand Prix of the Sea – Round One – Evolution Result

1. – 97 – Lucas Oil Outerlimits – 100

2. – 99 – King of Shaves – 80

3. – 88 – OSG – 60

4. – 64 – Fainplast – 50

5. – 90 – Kiton – 40

57 – Limmi – DNF

59 – Way to Happiness – DNF

81 – Wettpunkt.com – DNF

76 – Searex – DSQ


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