Perkins urges boaters to repower before RCD II

Boat owners considering buying a new engine should do so before the beginning of next year and the introduction of RCD II, Perkins advises

American engine manufacturer Perkins has advised boat owners considering buying a new engine to do so before the new version of the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD II) comes into effect.

The EU legislation, which was approved in 2013, comes into force on January 18 2017 and Perkins claims that this will restrict the supply of new engines available to buy for some time.

Matt Wilson, sales and marketing manager for Perkins, said: “Now is the time to review what the RCD II means to you and the options that are available.

“As the deadline draws closer, engine choices available in stock will be reduced and options may become limited until new engines which meet the new standards become available.”

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One of the key aspects of RCD II is a stricter limit on maximum engine emissions, which will drop by 86% as of next year.

A similar standard has been in force in the US since 2010, however RCD II only applies to the sale and manufacture of new engines, not to operation of existing boats.

Perkins manufactures a range of leisure boat engines, from the 85hp M92B to the 301hp M300C (pictured above).


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