Porsche backs Kormaran transforming yacht project

An ambitious six-stage transforming yacht project called Kormaran has received investment from a member of the Porsche family

Here at Motor Boat & Yachting, we’re pretty impressed if a new model can legitimately claim be two or three types of boat at once, so a boat that claims to be six things at once seems almost too good to be true.

Enter the Kormaran – a radical new project to create a transforming yacht that can be a monohull, a catamaran, a trimaran, a foiling yacht, an overnight boat and a leisure yacht, ideal for soaking up the sun or bathing in the Med.

Scepticism starts to evaporate when you learn that this highly ambitious project has received the backing of one Daniell Porsche. More than €10m (£7.6m) has been spent on patenting and development.

The list of materials used is every bit as exclusive as you’d expect from the Porsche name: carbon fibre, titanium, teak and leather.

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But Kormaran’s founder and CEO Dr Oliver Kormann insists that the most eye-catching aspect of the finished yacht will be its performance when foiling, with 80% less water resistance leading to lower energy consumption at high speeds.

The Kormaran prototype has not yet been completed, but Porto Montenegro has already been named as the location for the launch event on 3 June.

Billy Canellas, business development manager at Port Montenegro, said: “This transformational boat will challenge the future of yacht design and we are looking forward to welcoming the prototype in the marina.”

If the preview images above are anything to go by then this will be one of the most eye-catching launches of 2015. Watch this space…


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