Powerboat P1 issues provisional calendar for 2009

Championship expands from five to seven rounds adding new venues

A provisional 2009 calendar has been announced for the Powerboat P1 World Championship season with several new venues joining old favourites.

Rounds will be hosted in Bahrain, Turkey, Sweden and Ireland alongside well-established venues such as Malta, Portugal, Spain and Italy in what is planned to be an expanded seven-round schedule.

The season starts off at the end of March at the Middle Eastern venue of Bahrain before a six week break sees teams celebrating the sixth anniversary of P1 racing in Malta.

Turkey is a new addition with a mid-June summer slot and adds to the expanding mix of countries that Powerboat P1 has visited in recent years. The series then returns to Portugal early in July.

Another exciting new host nation, Sweden, takes the P1 championship to Scandinavia for the first time, while Spain (where a highly successful first-ever event was staged in 2008) or new venue Ireland will host the penultimate round of the year.

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Italy – the country which launched the 2008 Powerboat P1 campaign – will mark the season-finale.

Greece and France have been allocated slots as reserve venues.

Provisional 2009 Powerboat P1 calendar

Round Date Country

1 26-28 March Bahrain

2 15-17 May Malta

3 12-14 June or 19-21 June Turkey

4 3-5 July Portugal

5 7-9 August Sweden

6 28-30 August Spain or Ireland

7 11-13 September Italy

Reserve Venues

First reserve Greece. Second reserve France.


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