Princess 40M: Exclusive first pictures

Exclusive pictures of the Princess 40M on initial sea trials

MBY can exclusively reveal the first pictures of the Princess 40M on sea trial in Plymouth.

Princess descibed the occasion as taking place “without drama or fanfare but still momentous all the same”.

Having been slipped into the water from their South Yard site these initial snaps were taken as the 40M made its way across Plymouth Sound.

The looks echo that of the 32M launched at the 2011 London Boat Show but the 40M hides its bulk well, with neat curves cascading towards the waterline at the stern.

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This is the first tri-deck boat made by Princess and, when finished, will accommodate 12 guests in what Princess promise to be “exceptional luxury”.

The boat was not in a completed state for these trials, she had protective coverings on part of the hull and there are still numerous parts that need to be added before her full launch.

Princess’s managing director Chris Gates says: “We have of course studied all the drawings and the CGIs and watched her take shape inside the shop but it is not until you see her on the water for the first time you realise just how beautiful she is.

“Even incomplete as she is at the moment she looks magnificent so she’ll certainly be stunning when she officially launches for the first time next month.”

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