Princess 45 washed off cargo ship and wrecked

A used Princess 45 was dashed against the Norwegian cost on Sunday after being washed off a cargo ship

A delivery voyage went horribly wrong on Sunday morning (February 7) when a used Princess 45 was washed off the deck of a transporter ship.

The model in question was being moved from the Norwegian port of Molde to Oslo on board the 90m cargo ship Kristian With (pictured above) when the incident happened, local broadcaster NRK reports.

The vessel was later spotted by Eigersund resident Johan Fredrik Køste, who saw it wash up near his cottage.

“The wife and me sat at the breakfast table when we discovered the boat that drifted ashore,” he told the news provider.

“We were worried and thought that there had been an accident and that there were people on board. It seems a pity to see such a great boat being destroyed.”

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Salvage teams decided on Sunday that it would have been too dangerous to attempt to board the unmanned vessel.

By Monday morning the boat had been completely wrecked on the rocks and all that was left was floating debris, with the remains of the 45ft flybridge assumed to have sunk below the waves.

Egil Ulvan, CEO of shipping company Egil Ulvan Rederi AS, said: “I do not know more than that there was a rogue wave. Something like that has never happened before.”

He added that the Princess 45 was securely fastened with all the necessary measures and concluded: “We do not see that we could have done something different.”

Egil Ulvan Rederi AS has been transporting boats since 1967 and carries 350 boats per year. The matter has now been handed over for the insurers to investigate.


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