Put red diesel in perspective, says Ancasta

Ancasta claims comments on red diesel "simply alarmist"

Ancasta, Europe’s largest boat sales network, has hit back at what it claims are “alarmist” comments on the possible implications of the loss of red diesel in the UK.

Ancasta has figures, derived from over 22 years of brokerage experience, revealing that:

* the average boat engine has 60 hours use per annum 
* an average 38 ft twin engined motorboat runs on full speed at 45 litres per engine, using 90 litres per hour for both engines
* If red diesel is doubled, with VAT, the added cost for an average use (60 hours per year) is £2,601.  For a sailboat, it’s nearer £216 per annum 

Sales Director Ashley Overton says, “This increase is not particularly significant when compared to increases in other costs such as mooring, provisioning, annual maintenance and even the overall purchase price.  I don’t think anyone is not going to buy or use their dream boat, which could have cost around £150,000, because of an increase of around £2,000 per annum.

“While we agree that it’s a blow – any cost increase is – it does have to be put into perspective.   We’ve had a really good year, and I can’t see potential fuel increases making any real difference to our projected figures for 2007.  What’s more important is to keep offering new and innovative boats, and excellent brokerage service so people can have the boat of their dreams and make the most of their time on the water.”


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