Introducing Quadrofoil: The world’s first electric hydrofoil jetski

Is this the jetski of the future? Slovenian start-up Quadrofoil certainly hopes so

A Slovenian company has created a futuristic electric jetski that rides on four hydrofoils and could help its owners go where no PWC has gone before.

Quadrofoil’s superlight bodyshell, weighing in at just 100kg (excluding foils, engine and batteries), means that it only needs a 5.5KW electric motor to reach a top speed of 21 knots.

The electric motor can run flat out for two hours, and the lack of emissions and relatively small wake should allow these PWCs to explore remote coastal and inland waters without disturbing the natural habitat.

Another advantage over a traditional jetski is that the Quadrofoil places the passenger next to the driver, meaning you can both enjoy the view without getting a lifejacket thrust into your face every few seconds.

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Running costs are estimated at less than £1/hour, since the Quadrofoil’s 10KWH battery pack can be charged from flat in under two hours.

The integrated steering and stabilisation system promises a super-smooth ride, while the aeroplane-style controls add to the sensation of flying across the water.

Prices for the first limited-edition run of 100 Quadrofoils start at 22,500 euros (£17,700), and the first models are due to be delivered in March 2015. A lower-powered, cheaper alternative is due next summer.

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