Riva 88 Miami wows with its folding hardtop

Mercedes SL-style folding roof ups the cool on the Riva 88 Miami

One thing that boats from Lake Iseo have never failed to

do is turn heads
; this Italian yard is a by word for glamour and class so with

the new Riva 88 Miami and it’s Mercedes SL-style folding hardtop the cool-o-meter

will probably just explode.

The system – designed and developed in a

joint venture between Ferretti Group and the wizards of hydraulic deck gear

Besenzoni – looks like something you would see on a boat show concept but never a production craft.

At rest, the cockpit roof lies over the seating in the foredeck,

acting as a protective cover. When the mechanism is activated, two

electro-hydraulic arms pop out of the sides of the coach roof and pick up the

hardtop panel, swinging it back into place over the helm station and then

retracting back into their storage slots.

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When putting the roof panel back over

the foredeck seating, the arms can be stopped midway through the process so the

roof provides shade for those using the bow seats.

It’s a very clever piece of kit and there

is no better quayside theatre, even if it does beg the question as to how you

shade the helm and keep the bow seats covered at the same time. But let’s not

let practicality get in the way of such a great gadget.

The Miami is based on the hull of the 86

Domino – a coupe model – so below decks the layout is very similar. And,

despite the fact the 88 has a lower saloon, Riva has still managed to include

four cabins below decks, including a full-beam master ensuite.

Of course these rakish

looks would be nothing without power but never fear because there is exactly

5,276hp on tap thanks to a pair of MTU M94 2000s.

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