Safehaven Marine launches Barracuda SV11 stealth boat

Workboat manufacturer Safehaven Marine has come out with its most extreme design yet – the super-stealthy Barracuda SV11

Cork-based workboat manufacturer Safehaven Marine is renowned for its rugged vessels, but it appears to have raised the bar with the Barracuda SV11.

This 11-metre design can hit 40 knots, thanks to its twin 575hp shaft-drive diesel set-up, but it is the wave-piercing hull design that is most impressive.

As the rough weather testing video below conclusively shows, this is a boat that has been built to withstand whatever Mother Nature can throw at you:

The distinctly military design, with its radar evading carbonfibre superstructure, is likely to alarm your local harbourmaster, and indeed this is no casual Solent cruiser.

Safehaven Marine’s clients include the Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research and the Polish Navy, hence the option to fit a range of lethal and non-lethal weapons that can rise up through the foredeck in a fashion that would make a Bond villain jealous.

Those looking to nip around close to the shore can ditch the twin propellers in favour of MJP Ultra Jet 340 waterjets that bring the draught down to a special forces-friendly 2’9”.

Inside, the Barracuda SV11 is an understandably Spartan affair, with up to four AMP bucket seats and multi-point harnesses to ensure you can cling on to the helm for dear life.

And with a 1,000-litre fuel tank you can cover 200nm before stopping to refuel and brief your spymaster. Prices and delivery details are on a strictly need-to-know basis.


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