Salcombe gets tough on speeding boatowners

It seems Salcombe harbourmaster, Ian Gibson, has declared war on speeding boaters, issuing over 70 written warnings and fines amounting to £1680 this year alone

Over the past five years Salcombe harbour

authority has tried to reduce speeding with an ‘educate first’ policy, however

a more hard line approach is now being adopted.

This year two people have been successfully

prosecuted. One case involved a 16ft Bonwitco, which rammed into the transom of

a volunteer patrol boat, causing £1000 of damage and injury to boat watch

co-coordinator Ian Drinkwater and volunteer Graham Smith.

The second was a persistent offender,

caught on numerous occasions over a five-year period. With radar speed-gun

evidence to back up the case, he was sent to court and pleaded guilty.

Gibson told MBM,”Speeding in a busy

harbour is both antisocial and dangerous. Excessive speed considerably

increases the risk of a serious accident, which could result in serious injury

or fatality. Our primary concern is the safety of everyone who uses Salcombe


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Recent surveys carried out, asking local

boaters whether speeding affected their enjoyment, have shown a steady decrease

over the last few years. In 2008 54% said speeding was a problem, with that

figure dropping to only 26% in 2011.


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