See video from MBM’s test of laser flares

In our June issue we put a couple of laser flares to the test to see whether they could replace incendiary hand flares. See how they did here

Anyone curious as to the efficacy of the laser flares we tested in MBM’s June issue can now see the units in action in the below video.

We tested two of Greatland Laser’s rescue flares – the Rescue Laser Flare Magnum and Green Rescue Laser Flare. In the video, they’re labelled simply red and green.

The first test was conducted at a distance of a quarter of a mile, and the second at a mile and a quarter. As you can see in the video, the green flare performed magnificently over both distances.

Footage of the red flare at a mile and a quarter was not included in the video as it was too hard to pick up when editing the footage.

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Take a look for yourself, and make sure you pick up June’s issue for the full write-up.

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