Sessa takes on Bavaria, Sealine and Beneteau with the SC35

The 35ft sportscruiser market finally gets interesting, or does it?

At last, some competition for the Sealine SC35, a good boat that has, frankly, had it far too easy these last few years. Sessa, Bavaria and Bénéteau are all launching 34ft-35ft hardtop sportscruiser models, news that should make Sealine and its hugely successful SC35 sit up and take note.

With the SC35 now approaching its fourth model year might it might well be in danger of looking old and out of step to these young guns. But it’s not that simple.

The Bavaria 34 Sport and Bénéteau Flyer GT 34 are more budget minded, with prices coming in under the £200,000 that the Sealine starts at.

They both feel smaller than the Sealine and, in the Bénéteau’s case, come with smaller engines. These two will have a good fight with each other but not with the bigger more luxurious Sealine.

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In the Sessa C35, though, we have a real contender to the 35ft crown. Similarly priced to the Sealine, this Italian lays on the style and quality with a cockpit you’ll be proud of and a clever, sophisticated interior you’ll want to spend time in.

It’s so good we immediately went to see the Sealine SC35, thinking we’d pay our respects and convey the bad news that it had finally been beaten. But going back to the SC35 only reminded us what a great boat it is. It is bigger than the Sessa, has a far more spacious interior, enjoys that vast SC canvas sunroof – the Sessa has a GRP sunroof – and comes with more powerful engines.

The Sessa’s good but it’s going to have one hell of a fight on its hands if it means to take on the Sealine and win.

Full reviews of the Sessa C35, Bavaria 34 Sport and Beneteau Flyer GT 34 will be in the March issue of Motor Boats Monthly, on sale February 17.


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