Shelley Jory-Leigh may retire after second crash

The British Power Boat Champion says she may not return to racing

The British Power Boat Champion Shelley Jory (now Jory-Leigh) says that she is considering giving up the sport after having two serious crashes in the last two months.

Jory-Leigh was injured during testing in Sardinia last weekend when the bow of her boat shattered after she came awkwardly off a wave.

She suffered head injuries and a broken nose and her co-driver Patrick Huybreghts also had head injuries and a dislocated shoulder.

She has now returned to the UK for further treatment and is not convinced she will return to racing.

It is the second major crash Jory-Leigh has suffered in five weeks after her boat was hit by a large wave during the final of the Malta Grand Prix.

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“This incident, coming so soon after Malta has made me reflect on my life as a powerboat racer and the dangers involved,” she told BBC News.

“Although I take every precaution and train as hard as I can for each race nothing can prepare you for the feeling when you face real danger and life-threatening conditions. This incident has made me really appreciate my life, my family and perhaps the world outside power boating.

“It may be a long time before I get back into a competitive power boat. I have known what it is to win a British championship and perhaps that’s enough.”

Shelley will be interviewed on BBC South Today at 6.30pm tonight (Thursday 15 July 2010).


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