She’s electric

Dutch company reveals plans for a 40 knot all electric sportsboat

A new Dutch company is hoping to kick start the market for fast, affordable electric boats with this revolutionary 23ft foiling sportsboat. The Edorado 7S is the result of two years research and development by a multi-national team of engineers and entrepreneurs committed to the idea of zero emissions boating.

The key to its impressive performance is a pair of special surface piercing hydrofoils, which lift the entire hull clear of the water at speeds over 18 knots, drastically reducing drag and maximising speed and efficiency. In its current form the team are predicting a top speed of 40 knots and a cruising range of 43nm at 25 knots.

The standard power source is a single 42 kWh lithium ion battery with options to upgrade to a pair of 28 kWh cells. These drive two 40kw electric motors attached to a pair of slender pods, which also form part of the rear foil and remain submerged when the main hull is ‘flying’.

The privately owned company is the brainchild of Dutch entrepreneurs Giel Groothuis and Godert van Hardebroek, whose vision of an affordable zero-emissions sportsboat has driven the whole project.

“After owning internal combustion powered boats I realised that a complete overhaul of this product category is long overdue,” said Giel. “The traditional boating industry is just waiting to be disrupted by a clean tech approach.”

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The hydrodynamic design is the work of naval architect Tom Speer, whose previous achievements include working on Team Oracle’s America’s Cup contender. However, whereas the large adjustable foils on this high performance sailing catamaran need constant adjustment to make the most of its performance, the Edorado S7 is designed to be simple and stable enough for anyone to drive, as well as extremely efficient.

“The hydrofoil design minimizes the required power up to 40 knots. It is stable in pitch, heave, and roll, so the boat’s safety doesn’t depend on an active control system, which would be complex, redundant, and expensive,” says Speer.

Product designers Niels Caris and John Kock are responsible for the striking looks, which aim to reflect its sporty performance and futuristic technology. “To make an electric vehicle, you cannot simply swap the combustion engine for an electric one. The concept needs to be electric. With Edorado, I believe we did exactly that,” says John.

The final part of the equation is Edorado’s US partner Scott Ruck, who hopes to build Edorado into the Tesla of the marine world. Electric car manufacturer Tesla has lit up the automotive world in recnt years with its blend of stylish, high performance sportscars and believes the Edorado team can achieve similar success with its 7S sportsboat.

“Applying advanced technologies and clever design has produced a fast electric sport boat that finally delivers the performance the market demands. The EDORADO 7S is not just a new boat, it’s a whole new boating experience, a no-compromise blending of performance, luxury, quality, and sustainability.”

Orders for the first production examples are already being taken with prices starting at €135,000.


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