Snav storm to victory in Italy

Leading boat wins both rounds in Evolution class

Lightning fast Snav OSG dominated the P1 Italian Grand Prix of the Sea Championship in San Benedetto del Tronto over the weekend after the all-Italian outfit followed up Saturday’s Sprint Race victory by winning the Endurance Race on Sunday.

Racing in turbulent weather and with UIM President Raffaele Chiulli among the thousands watching, the triumphant team of Giancarlo Cangiano and Giovanni Carpitella beat the attrition epidemic that struck all but three of the Evolution Class contenders to secure their first championship of the 2009 P1 World Championship.

Cangiano, the 2006 World Champion, said:

“It couldn’t have gone any better. It was just such a fantastic weekend’s racing. We have worked very hard to get back in the Evolution Class Championship so to win the Grand Prix was a great reward. “We have a good mix of character because last year’s boat was fantastic in rough water and is now proving a far better all-round package.”

Snav OSG still trail Siby by a staggering 119 points in the overall Evolution Class standings with the British-based team of Drew Langdon and Jan Falkowski claiming the second spot on Sunday’s podium just ahead of Belgian outfit, 2B1 Furnibo.

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Now with his eyes firmly set on catching Silverline, Cangiano added:

“We can definitely get there. They are running with an old OSG engine, so maybe I should go to them and ask for it back.”

SuperSport victors Baia-Attolini ensured the Italians dominated the race weekend after breaking their winning duck in this year’s open-canopy class.
Powerboat P1’s oldest statesman Renato Guidi celebrated a perfect birthday present collecting the overall Grand Prix of the Sea trophy alongside euphoric teammates, Roy Capasso and Stefan Acanfora.

The thrilled trio closed the gap on SuperSport Class championship leaders, Seagull Chaudron, to 19 points with four rounds to go and Guidi is extremely excited to chase the World Champions in Gothenburg, Sweden in August. Guidi said:

“I am very happy about winning the race for Sergio and it’s very special to win in Italy and on my birthday. “The SuperSport Class is very tight and we are sure to keep fighting. The girls were unlucky to withdraw today and remain a serious championship challenger but perhaps it is now only two to play for the title. “

Fourth place during Sunday’s Endurance Race scored Spirit of Belgium their first Powerboat P1 World Championship podium of 2009.

Fairing marginally better than their Evolution peers, only two hulls failed to cross the finishing line with championship hopefuls, Ikocasa and Team SW1 Capital suffering from technical problems.


Evolution Class Results:

1. SNAV OSG (Giancarlo Cangiano / Giovanni Carpitella) 00:59:14.36
2. Furnibo (Frank Hemelaer / Pierre Colpin) 01:02:03.01

3. Silverline (Jan Falkowski / Drew Langdon) 01:00:52.24*

4. Metamarine Pignolo 53 (Marco Pennesi / Luca Nicolini) DNF

5. Cigarette Smash Poker (Luca Formilli Fendi / Matteo Nicolini) RETIRED

6. Lucas Oil Outerlimits (Joe Sgro / Nigel Hook) RETIRED

7. Cranefields Wines (Mark Niemann / Gino Passchier) RETIRED

*12 laps completed

Italian Grand Prix of the Sea Classified Results

1. SNAV OSG – 200 points

2. Silverline – 141 points

3. Cigarette Smash Poker – 90 points

4. Furnibo – 90 points

5. Metamarine Pignolo 53 – 81 points

6. Cranfields Wine – 73 points

7. Lucas Oil Outerlimits – 66 points

SuperSport Class Classified Results:

1. Baia Attolini (Stefano Acanfora / Renato Guidi / Roy Capasso) 01:02:53.55

2. Seagull Chaudron (Aaron Ciantar / Angelo Tedeschi / Viktor Shemchuk) 01:02:56.75

3. Big Sergio (Alfredo Nuzzo / Alfredo Amato) 01:03:18.67*

4. MasForce (Micha Robyn / Patrick Huybreghts / Marc Sluszny) 01:03:34.87*

5. Blue Shaft (Gianbattista Gabriele / Alfredo Zanardo / Federico Montanari) 01:06:28.46*

6. Iko Casa (Shelley Jory / Audrien Ciantar) DNF

7. Team SW1 Capital (Daniel Cramphorn / Kim Collins) RETIRED

SuperSport Class Grand Prix of the Sea Results

1. Baia Attolini – 190 points

2. Seagull Chaudron – 190 points

3. Spirit of Belgium – 139 points

4. Ikocasa – 81 points

5. Big Sergio 81 points

6. Team SW1 Capital – 73 points

7. Blue Shaft – 66 points


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