Spooky sighting at waterways museum

Ghost captured on film by young museum visitor

Staff at the National Waterways Museum at Gloucester Docks believe recent refurbishment work has disturbed a ghost.

Their proof? See left. In the bottom right hand corner of the photo, you can just make out a ghostly arm draped across the display.

A closer examination reveals more shaded areas, and what could be a whole body.

The photo was taken by a 13-year-old museum visitor Abigail Williams, whose family only realised what she’d captured when they got home and downloaded the photo.

Her father, Mark, said: “We just kept staring at it and couldn’t believe it.”

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Chris Hayes, general manager of the museum, said: “We were amazed when we saw the photograph. In the past visitors have told us about seeing a man dressed in black and museum staff have heard footsteps when the museum has been empty. Our curator has also heard a voice, even though she was the only person in the building at the time, but this is the first piece of evidence of an actual ghost.”

The museum has called upon the expertise of Lyn Cinderey, a member of The Myers Paranormal Society, who runs ghost walks around the docks and the city.

She said: “I am really intrigued by the photograph. When I visited the museum I discounted a number of possible explanations such as patterns in the wood and while I didn’t manage to capture the arm in my photographs, I did record lots of orbs around the barrels.”

The museum is housed in an original dockside building, Llanthony Warehouse. The warehouse was built in 1873 and was originally used by Wait James & Company, corn and building merchants.



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