Spot the Pot – MBM’s lobster pot campaign

The response to our Spot the Pot campaign has been great, but we're greedy – we want more stories, more signatures, and more support

Our Spot the Pot campaign was launched just weeks ago to a flood of encouragement, both from our online forums, and

by those of you who have already signed our petition.

Here at MBM we recognise the trouble that unmarked pots can

cause, and we also know just how easy it should be to change. In short, we are calling for: clearly marked, well-lit pots, a sinking line, better dumping, and better pot location. To see our full manifesto, click here.

What you’ve told us
Lots of you have stressed the urgency of the

situation, telling us that it’s “about time” and that an organised campaign “cannot come soon enough”.

You’ve told us about how dangerous badly marked pots can be, forcing boaters into obscure routes to avoid these menaces. Many have pointed out that the pots are often placed in particularly dangerous places, across harbour entrances, and impossible to see at night.

You’ve given us constructive solutions too, such as placing solar or kinetic-powered LEDs on the markers, and many of you have voiced concerns that the harbour authorities are claiming to “look into it” but don’t appear to be doing much.

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The areas that seem to be affected the most include – but are not limited to – popular areas such as the Essex Suffolk coast, Brighton, Jersey, the Solent, the English Channel, Southampton, south Devon, Holyhead, north Wales and Anglesey.

Shortly after MBM launched its campaign, two Cruising Club members on our Channel Islands and West Country cruise picked up nets. In the photo above, the owner of Targa 31 Silver Fox holds the remains of the net that he luckily managed to untangle.

Support our campaign

It’s really easy to support our campaign. All we are asking is that you sign the petition, and keep the conversation going on the lively forum. The more we can see you discussing the issue, and the more feedback we get, the easier it is for us to do something about it. We love hearing from you, so keep posting.

You can also email any tales of lobster pot woe, together with any photos or video through to


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