Superyacht falls foul of fuel gauge

The RNLI have rescued a £2.1m superyacht left stranded off Birling Gap thanks to a faulty fuel gauge

You can bet there were red faces all round when a 63ft superyacht ran out of fuel on its delivery voyage and had to be towed in to port by the RNLI.

But the crew of Ion, an Italian-built luxury motorcruiser worth £2.1m, can spare their blushes since it was a faulty fuel gauge rather than their error that left them anchored up and awaiting aid yesterday morning.

The Wally motorcruiser, powered by twin Rolls Royce water jet engines, was on a delivery passage from Antwerp to Southampton when it ran out of fuel. The electronic fuel gauge had given a false reading and the vessel had to be anchored up off Birling Gap and wait for Newhaven’s Severn-class lifeboat David and Elizabeth Acland.

Once the lifeboat arrived on scene the casualty pulled up their anchors and a tow line was fixed to the Ion, which was longer than Newhaven’s Severn class lifeboat, so she could be brought into Newhaven where she could refuel and complete her journey.

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Before entering Newhaven Harbour, the tow line was shortened and then the casualty was brought alongside and secured to the lifeboat within the harbour. Coxswain Paul Legendre skillfully placed the casualty perfectly alongside the fuel berth.

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