SW boaters: Speak now before it’s too late

Have your say as MCZ's close in

Boaters in south-west England are

urged to report environmental findings before marine conservation zone (MCZ)

plans are finalised.

There are six months left until the final plans are gathered and Finding

Sanctuary, a partnership project who work to protect the health of the UK

coastline, are asking everyone from surfers to motorboaters to forward their

findings so that the interests of leisure boaters can be taken in to account.

The advice comes as Lundy Island in Devon, formerly a marine nature reserve,

became the first MCZ in the South West.

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Joana Smith from Finding Sanctuary says:

“By the end of our research we aim to have a definitive map showing how

south-west waters are currently used. This information is vital for ensuring

that commercial and leisure interests can be taken into account in deciding

where marine conservation zones should be placed and what activities need to be

restricted in them.”

As the proposed speed limits and prohibited anchoring areas could have a

massive effect on them, leisure boaters are being urged to make their feelings


Kate Moore of the RYA says: “If people miss this opportunity to speak out,

they will be wasting their one chance to determine the future balance between

marine conservation and the way we use our seas. We all know there will be

difficult decisions ahead but those decisions have to be made based on the most

comprehensive and up to date information.”

To have your say on the project go to www.mczmapping.org.


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