Team Britannia explains round the world attempt delay

Alan Priddy has explained why the Team Britannia attempt to break the round-the-world powerboat record has been delayed

Back in December 2014 we reported that a new British team, led by Alan Priddy, would be attempting to break the round-the-world powerboat record under the name Team Britannia.

The planned start date of November 1 2015 has now been and gone, however the man behind the ambitious project has revealed the reason behind the delay.

Speaking to MBY, Alan explained that the collapse of a sponsorship agreement with SulNOx set the team’s plans back significantly.

However, he did confirm that the round-the-world attempt is still due to go ahead with a new start date of October 23 2016.

“Ultimately our sponsors didn’t come up with the goods, but we are still supported by the marine industry and plan to start construction of our boat in the next couple of weeks,” he said.

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As the design above shows, the monohull powerboat will now bear that livery of Clean Fuels Ltd. – a company that Team Britannia set up to demonstrate the potential of emulsified fuel.

Alan Priddy“We needed to be master of our own destiny in the end,” Alan (pictured right) continued. “We are looking for other sponsors and have a few irons in the fire.”

Despite the delay, testing on Team Britannia’s twin 500hp FPT C13 engines has already taken place in Portsmouth.

Alan adds that the team is predicting a fuel burn of 180l/h, based on an average cruising speed of 22 knots.

The boat will feature its own on-board fuel manufacturing plant, which will blend diesel and desalinated water using a chemical reagent to create emulsified fuel.

What’s more, Team Britannia plans to work with wounded service personnel on the trip, with two of the 12-man crew to be selected from Stuart Croxford’s Team Endeavour.

The current record for circumnavigating the globe stands at 60 days, 23 hours and 49 minutes, as set in 2008 by New Zealander Pete Bethune in his 78ft trimaran, Earthrace.


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