The Boat restaurant sinks after RNLI Teddington callout

Richmond Bridge was the site of a dramatic RNLI callout last night, as The Boat restaurant was dragged down by its pontoon

Volunteers at RNLI Teddington were called out at 0110 this morning after it emerged that The Boat restaurant at Richmond Bridge was sinking.

The crew took to the inshore lifeboat and posted these photos to the RNLI Teddington Twitter account, which show the historic restaurant boat partially submerged.

The sinking is believed to have been caused by a pontoon which failed to rise with the tide and took at least one other boat down with it.

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Andy Butterfield from the Teddington Lifeboat Station told local news provider This is Our Town Richmond: “I wasn’t on the lifeboat but understand the pontoon failed to rise with the tide.”

James Kavanagh, RNLI crew member, told the Richmond and Twickenham Times: “The real problem and the danger was the large boats which were fastened onto the pontoon.

“The ropes were under massive pressure,” he added. No injuries were reported and the lifeboat crew was stood down at 0250.

The Boat restaurant at Richmond Bridge is one of just 11 Oxford College Barges still in existence. Previously owned by Jesus College, the boat can accommodate up to 70 guests.


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