The inaugural All Wales Boat Show kicks off in Conwy

The new All Wales Boat Show, which began today, will run until Sunday across two marinas that straddle the Conwy Estuary

Organisers of the first ever All Wales Boat Show are hoping it will rejuvenate the Welsh boating scene and help them fulfill their ambition of making Wales one of the best places in the world to be a boater.

The show is being held across two marinas on either side of the Conwy Estuary – Conwy Marina and Deganwy Marina – with passengers being transported between the two locations by trip boat or shuttle bus.

The event, which replaces the now defunct North Wales Boat Show and South Wales Boat Show, hopes to tap into the huge potential of boating territory in the north west, with a mix of new boats, used boats and opportunities for people to learn more about the boating lifestyle.

The marine leisure boating industry is currently worth over £200m to the Welsh economy but both the government and boating organisations want to build on this further and turn the country into an epicentre for boating, with the Welsh Yachting Association (WYA) announcing in April that under its Strategic Plan 2013-2017 Sailing An Inclusive Sport For Life, it wants to make Wales a major player in the marine world.

Steven Morgan, of the WYA said, “I am extremely proud to be associated with

this event, with over 70 exhibitors on both sides of the estuary and

12,000-15,000 people expected to visit the show over the five days, we hope it

will be an annual event that will go onto the marine calendar.”

View photos of the first ever All Wales Boat Show, or read the full verdict in the September issue of MBM, out 15 August.


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