Time running out for White Star ship

Unless £150,000 can be raised by 26 January, the historic ship will be scrapped

The last White Star Line ship afloat, the SS Nomadic, is destined for the scrapyard unless enough money can be found to buy and preserve her.

Built in 1911 by Harland & Wolff in Belfast to serve White Star Liners calling at Cherbourg, the Nomadic ferried passengers and mail to RMS Titanic, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary.

With the outbreak of war in 1914, she was requisitioned by the French Navy, and saw further use in wartime after escaping to Britain following the Nazi invasion of France in 1939.

In recent years the ship has been used as a floating restaurant but now faces an uncertain future unless £150,000 can be raised to transport her back to Belfast for restoration.

To save the ship, Belfast Industrial Heritage, a non-profit organization, has launched the “Nomadic Appeal”.

“We have already received pledges for more than £22,500 from individuals and Titanic enthusiasts. We are now looking for corporate sponsorship,” said Philippe Delaunoy, European coordinator of the Nomadic Preservation Society.

“The Nomadic is the last remnant of the White Star Line fleet, she is the last witness of the golden age of Transatlantic liners and is the last floating link with RMS Titanic.”

The restored Nomadic would become the centerpiece of a future Belfast theme park dedicated to the history of shipbuilding in Belfast.

For more information, or to make a pledge visit www.savenomadic.com



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